Raven Artson lives for music. The Dutch-bred, Los Angeles-based singer- songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer landed in his rst band when he was only nine years old. While growing up, Raven was entering a de ning period of musical exploration, showing himself the ropes of how to do it. This included curating his own interdisciplinary shows, recently resulting in performing with artists like BEA1991, Liam Benzi and Jasper Lotti as well as collaborating with fashion brand Hardeman.

As a producer, Raven has most prominently worked with Mozes and the Firstborn, Ray Fuego, Yung Nnelg and Pip Blom and has his fair share in composing movie-soundtracks, among which Madja Amin’s ‘Stray Sheep’. He coordinates his own creative direction, while being in interdisciplinary dialogue with directors, photographers and designers. Raven’s deep musical immersion and hefty back catalogue shine through in the versatility of his solo work and his on-stage performance. Self- taught, driven but humble, Raven is readying his debut project ‘Peak In Me’.

As a true master of melody, Raven’s music is sweet and easy. His bold voice is always at the centre of the music - crooning free above glistening instrumentation. Aside from his strong pop-sensibility, Raven has plenty of musical experiments up his sleeves. He whips up a perfect mixture of variations, lacing his songs and performance with clever left-turns and sudden musical shifts. Lush woodwind sections, tight drums and heartfelt vocal lines all blend seamlessly into a rich and psychedelic musical palette. Raven’s music and personality nd middle ground in being grand and ambitious, while still being tangible and down to earth. Inhabiting the stage on his lonesome in a double-breasted suit, Raven is voicing his heart without any lter. Tear-dripping auto-tune with a supremely romantic quality.

Written by Sydney van Nieuwaal

Photography by Rick Erfmann
Art direction by Ekaterina Galetski
Hair styling by Hester Beek
Make up by Joyce Clerkx @ Angelique Hoorn
Hair colouring by Camilla Turelli
Outfit by Demask Amsterdam


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