Los Angeles-Amsterdam-based multi-hyphenate Raven Artson explores artistic growth at the edge of ecstasy and thrill. In doing so, he carves out a unique sound that is simultaneously otherworldly as authentically human.

A junction of sorts, where Raven finds inspiration to write. As he puts it himself: "I'm interested in the coexistence of ideas; in allowing the process of winning and losing to connect." The result is a vibe that’s hard to pigeonhole - call it slow motion hyper pop, call it tear dripping auto tune.

This vision led to airplay by BBC1’s Jack Saunders and Elton John, contributing to Sevdaliza’s sophomore album, composing the soundtrack for Madja Amin’s ‘May’ and playing the lead role in Folkert Verdoorn’s short film ‘The Performer’. He might not be aware himself, but Raven is slowly becoming the pop-icon he always looked up to.

Photography by Nick van Tiem
Styling by Suze Kuit
Hair & make up by Chris Völkers
Originally published by Metal Magazine


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